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Woodlawn Police Department (Ohio)

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Chuck Klein

About the Woodlawn Police Department

The Woodlawn Police Department has a staff of 12 fulltime patrol officers supervised by 1 sergeant per each of the three shifts. The sergeants are under the direct supervision of the Police Lieutenant, Jack Bennett. The entire division is headed by the Chief of Police, Colonel Walter Obermeyer.


The police department has many duties and assignments in addition to road patrol. The department has a community resource / crime prevention section, bike patrol, investigation unit, drug task force unit (Narcotics Enforcement Entry Team / N.E.E.T.), and property code enforcement. These assignments are just a few examples of our additional responsibilities to help us protect the citizens of Woodlawn.


The police department has a highly trained investigative division. The division is under the direct supervision of Lieutenant Bennett. Woodlawn’s investigative body consists of both Detective Fetter and Detective Pitsch. Both detectives have received extensive education and intense training in criminal investigations and forensic investigations. The detectives investigate all major felony charges and select misdemeanors. The responding patrol officer is trained to investigate the misdemeanor cases assigned to them.





Selected book by a Woodlawn Police Department police officer.

Instinct Combat Shooting: Defensive Handgunning For Police
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