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The Children's books listed here were written by police officers.

The Island Treasure Hunt
Larry Powalisz  More Info

In 1973, Larry Powalisz joined the Milwaukee Police Departments police aide program, and, after a two year internship, was promoted to police officer, graduating from the City of Milwaukee Safety Academy in February 1976. During his tenure as a police officer, Larry patrolled one of Milwaukee’s busiest districts. He was later selected to become a member of the departments Tactical Enforcement Unit; the full-time special weapons and tactics unit. He also served on the departments Robbery Task Force.


In 1994, Larry was promoted to the rank of detective, where he investigated robberies, shootings, and other violent criminal offenses. He was also assigned to the Milwaukee PDs nationally recognized Gang Crimes Unit/Intelligence Division. In addition, Larry also served as a military special agent, where he recently completed 20 years of service in the United States Coast Guard Reserve. He currently holds the rank of Master Chief.


In an effort to create a positive set of values for our nations next generation of impressionable young people, Larry put pen to paper and created this book, The Island Treasure Hunt, featuring two very likeable characters who find themselves faced with an ethical dilemma. The message conveyed by The Island Treasure Hunt is that good deeds do not go unnoticed. It’s a positive message today’s young people will hopefully realize.

The Steamer Trunk Adventures #2: The Ghosts of Machu Picchu (The Steamer Trunk Adventures)
R.M. Garcia  More Info

The Steamer Trunk Adventures #1: The Trunk and the Tortoise
R.M. Garcia  More Info

Sergeant Randy Garcia, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department has authored the first children’s book to be added to police-writers.com.  Sergeant Garcia, a 16 year veteran of law enforcement, has published The Trunk and the Tortoise which is the first in his planned series, The Streamer Trunk Adventures.  


The main character Hunter, who is based on Garcia’s son, has just completed the fourth grade and is not looking forward to spending another boring summer hanging around the house. When his grandfather, Captain Mike, sails into town, toting his mysterious steamer trunk, Hunter quickly formulates a plan. He stows away in the trunk, and the two begin an adventurous sailing trip filled with peril and excitement. Unwittingly, they stumble across a nefarious plan to smuggle endangered tortoises from the Galapagos Islands.

The Adventures of Cubby
Timothy Lindstrom  More Info

Timothy Lindstrom grew up in Macomb County and graduated from Oakland University in 1984 in the field of medical technology. Tim worked as a medical technologist at Detroit Receiving Hospital from 1984 until 1992. Timothy Lindstrom attended the Macomb Police Academy in the winter of 1992 and became a police officer for the New Baltimore Police Department that same year.  In 1999, Timothy Lindstrom became a K9 handler and partner with Cubby.  In 2003, he lost his partner, Cubby, to cancer.


Timothy Lindstrom is the author of The Adventures of Cubby.  According to the book description, “this children's book is based on a true story of a police canine. The story begins with the early struggles of Cubby whose excited personality does not allow him to fit in. Because Cubby is so energetic, he fails a test to become a guide dog for the blind. Cubby is brought to the Humane Society where he's discovered by a police canine trainer. The trainer tests Cubby for police work and due to his energetic personality, passes all the initial tests. The trainer takes Cubby to K-9 school and teachers him to become a narcotics dog; sniffing out illegal drugs for the police. Cubby is teamed up with a canine unit in the city of New Baltimore, Michigan. Cubby’s adventure continues as he works with the police taking illegal drugs and criminals off the streets. Due to Cubby's awesome personality and endless energy, he becomes loved by his department, community and family.”

Let's Meet Officer Frank
Frank Caruso  More Info

Frank Caruso is a motorcycle police officer with the Irvine Police Department (California). With more than 15 years experience in law enforcement, Frank Caruso has held a variety of positions including Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, D.A.R.E. Instructor, and Gang Officer/Investigator. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and an Associate of Arts degree in Administration of Justice. Police Officer Frank Caruso has received several Community Policing Awards and is a recipient of the prestigious International Association of Chiefs of Police Civil Rights Award.


Frank Caruso’s book is an illustrated children’s book, “designed to teach preschool through third-grade level children that police officers are not only community servants who are there to help and protect them, but are human beings with their own unique families and interests.”  While Frank Caruso provided the content in the form of a true story, the book was illustrated by Irene Williams, “a recently retired sixth-grade teacher from the Garden Grove Unified School District in Garden Grove, California. During her 30-year career, Ms. Williams instructed students at every grade level, including members of the Gifted and Talented Education program.”


 Frank’s book is endorsed by Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE).


Michael Simonsen is a former police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. In 1977, as a means to teach children safety Michael Simonsen, developed an entertaining visual presentation through the use of a Macaw.  The bird, known as Officer Byrd, No. 007, was the genesis of the book The Adventures of Officer Byrd – Get Help!


According to the book description of The Adventures of Officer Byrd – Get Help!, it “is based on a true-story. It's about a real police bird who helps children and adults. The story is about Officer Byrd helping young people not to keep bad secrets and to get help. The children's book is for ages five to 12 plus. Your contribution to buy this book goes to help abused children. We are a nonprofit organization trying to help children all over the world.”

The Adventures of Little Nina
James E. Johnson & Denise Johnson  More Info

In 1985, James E. Johnson joined the New York City Police Department and served for 20 years.  During his law enforcement career, James Johnson worked as undercover in the Narcotics Division, Zodiac Killer taskforce, The Mayor’s Social Club Task Force, and other units within the police department. However, he considers his greatest accomplishment the creation and implementation a gang crime reduction strategy that brought gang membership and violence down 62%.


In 1995, the New York City Police Department experienced a shift in manpower that created a shortage in the community affairs division. The Commanding officer of the Sixty-Ninth Precinct asked James Johnson to fill the Youth officer position (a two-man position) In addition,  James Johnson filled the gang coordinator and community affairs positions. For twelve years, James Johnson worked in those positions and, at times, without a partner. In 1996, James Johnson with the assistance of Denise Johnson founded and ran the Sixty-Ninth Precinct Law Enforcement Explores Youth Program. James Johnson is the co-author of a children’s book, The Adventures of Little Nina.


According to the book description of The Adventures of Little Nina, “This was a very special day for Nina; it was her eighth birthday. When trains in Trainville turned eight they are expected to deliver packages from station to station. Today Nina was going to do it on her own. Her father gave her all the advice she needed and warnings against distractions, but even with the best advice sometimes distractions are too hard to resist.”

A Police Officer That's What I'll Be!
Ronald Pinkston  More Info

Ronald Pinkston was a senior corporal for the Dallas Police Department.  He is the author of A Police Officer That's What I'll Be!  Ronald Pinkston’s book drives home the simple point that children can rely on police officers to help them when they are hurt, lost, or in danger. According to the book description, “this is a story of a little boy who continues to need help after he climbs up a tree and wonders what he would be. The boy later realizes what he wants to be after being helped throughout the day by police officers Garcia, Roper and Smith.”

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