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Kenneth R. Lewis, the chief of police of the Rogue River Police Department (Oregon), began his law enforcement career with the Spokane Police Department (Washington) in 1972.  During his over 30 years in law enforcement he has been a patrol officer, deputy sheriff, detective, sergeant and for the last 17 years, chief of police. 

According to the book description of Little Blue Whales, A sadistic killer stalks the summer beaches of Oregon, striking at random locations and then the small coastal city of Cutter Point. As newly hired Cutter Point police chief Kevin Kearnes battles for control of his dysfunctional agency, fighting corrupt city officials and members within his own department, an accidental meeting with a beautiful and secretive woman leads to a second chance at love. That is, until an old horror from his past resurfaces, manifesting itself in the same murder cases he's investigating, and he is about to learn that the most dangerous secrets to keep...are the ones you don't know you have.

According to the book description of the Sparrow’s Blade, “In the aftermath of having survived an encounter with pedophile serial killer Uriah Beek almost three years earlier, two still healing couples reconnect at Christmas time in the small Oregon coast city of Cutter Point. Kevin Kearnes, the city's former police chief, now a special agent with Homeland Security, is returning to Cutter point with Britt McGraw, and his two young sons, to marry Britt on the same beach where he'd first kissed her. Thud Compton, Kearnes' old sergeant, and now Cutter Point's new chief, has invited them to stay at the Compton home. For Margie Compton, having house guests will be a welcome respite from the ongoing turmoil in her marriage caused by her recent separation from Thud. When Thud is injured at work and is forced to move back home shortly before the Kearnes' arrive, the cracks in his relationship with Margie widen further, ultimately pulling Kevin, and Britt, into the void also as they struggle with their own inner demons. However, the Kearnes' aren't the only ones traveling to Cutter Point for the holidays. Some very bad men are coming to town, and instead of bearing gifts, they're planning on taking one for themselves.

An old military sword from WWII rusiting away inside its display case in the local library, which after 9/11, is now worth a million dollars on the world black market for war artifacts. Russian mobsters "Little Nikki" Kravchenko, and Vlasi Voronov will gladly accept half that much in payment from Phillip Peeters, the man who's hired them to steal it. To college student Darius Ono and his friends, the sword is priceless, and reclaiming it will restore honor to the name of his dead great uncle, war hero Suzumi Ono, "The Emperor's Sparrow." And although they don't yet know it, Kevin Kearnes, and Thud Compton will face their greatest threat ever when they are forced to pursue the muderous men who've stolen "The Sparrow's Blade."

Theodore Feit said of Little Blue Whales, “ The author is a Chief of Police in Oregon, as is the protagonist of this splendid debut novel.  While it is the story of a messianic serial killer, it is really about how a repressed memory of a childhood incident can affect a grown person's life.

Kevin Kearnes was a policeman in Dodger City, with a wife and two sons he loved, until things went downhill for some reason and his marriage ended in divorce.  He applied for and won the job of Police Chief in Cutter City, Oregon, in which the mayor and his cronies in city government and the police department were so corrupt that they fired and hired police chiefs almost annually.

Kevin, of course, not only has to stand up and battle the corruption, but undertake to conduct an investigation into the disappearance and murder of four young boys while battling his own demons from the past and coming to grips with a possible new love.

The book is an impressive start for a first-time novelist.  It flows smoothly, is tightly plotted and believable.  Obviously he author's experience as a police chief lends authenticity to the crime novel, but more impressive is the skill with which he portrays human emotions.  No mention is made as to whether or not Mr. Lewis is hard at work at a follow-up effort.  Let's hope he is.”

Little Blue Whales
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The Sparrow's Blade
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Shane Gericke (author of Cut to the Bone and Blown Away) said of Little Blue Whales, “A spectacular thriller that slams your gut like a major league bat. The author knows hiscops, crooks, and secrets, and it shows from the very first page. Don’t miss this one!”

Robert Walker (author of Dead On and City of the Absent said of Little Blue Whales, “Lewis displays a masterful hand at work in this layered, extremely well-crafted tale. This is authentic crime fiction at its best.”

Bill Cameron (author of Lost Dog and chasing Smoke said of Little Blue Whales, “Ken Lewis brings his experience as a police chief to bear in his must read debut, Little Blue Whales. A taut, potent thriller, with a deeply creepy villain. Not to be missed!”

Timothy Hallinan (author of A Nail through the Heart and The Fourth Watcher) said of Little Blue Whales, “I was knocked out. Just a terrific piece of work!”

About the Rogue River Police Department

The Rogue River Police Department is located at 133 Broadway. There are five officers and several reserve officers. The department patrols the city limits and is often engaged in assisting all other law enforcement agencies in the area. Rogue River is protected not only by the five-member city police department, but also by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and the Oregon State Police.


In the early 19th century, before the first European American settlers arrived, the river valley was inhabited by the Shasta, Takelma, and Rogue River tribes of Native Americans. The early fur traders named this river the "River of the Rogues". A flood of white settlers began to arrive in the valley after the Donation Land Act, which allocated 320 acres (2.6 kmē) of land to each married couple. Between 1836 and 1856, the valley was the scene of a series of bloody conflicts between white settlers and the Rogue River tribe. In 1851 gold was discovered in the nearby mountains. The mining activity was centered on the now-restored town of Jacksonville west of Medford. At the peak of the gold rush some $70 million was extracted from the Rogue.


The city has a current population of 1847 in the city proper. It has an elected mayor and city council featuring five elected council members as well as a City Administrator and other appointed posts including finance, public works, budgetary, planning and community relations commissions.










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