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Vonn Auld Kopp is the pseudonym for a police officer whose 32 year law enforcement career included spending the last 23 years in the Houston Police Department homicide division.  Vonn Auld Kopp is the author of Homicidal Humor. According to the book description of Homicidal Humor, “Welcome to the world of urban police legend and lore.  If I had firsthand knowledge of the events described herein, I would be hauled before both federal and state investigative grand juries. What I have actually done here is record stories told to me by cops from all over this country.  For three decades I have collected confessions, bizarre stories, statements and lies that were told to me. If someone I encountered on the street made an odd or enlightening statement, I made a note of it in a journal I kept at home. Included is a bit of an insight into the thought processes of pimps, drug addicts and street vermin. Every real cop I have ever known had stories like these. I just took the time to write them down.  The stories found herein have been compiled and put into settings along the Texas Gulf Coast. The individuals named and the locations alluded to are fictitious. You might say that the names have been changed to protect the imbeciles. Only the chapters regarding quotes, street terms, and Ronnie Beck are true. The rest were created for entertainment purposes only.”

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Homicidal Humor South Texas Style
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One reader of Homicidal Humor said, “Great Read. Historical and entertaining jaw dropping stories that normal productive tax paying citizens may not understand or appreciate, unless they know someone in law enforcement. Made my eyes water, too. I also liked the second Homicidal Humor, Homicidal Humor II. Both books describe a world that once was, and still is to a few who can stomach it. While some stories make you laugh, some cry, a few will leave a bad taste in your mouth if you're not familiar with police work. But those are the people who think cops should spend their time bonding with the community by buying ice cream cones for kids in their beats, while the crooks walk themselves to jail with and "aw shucks" thrown in. Its a reality of what goes on while regular people are sleeping, working, and let's face it, while their shopping online for their next book.”

Claude Anderson, the author of RadioCartoons, “began drawing the first day he could hold a pencil. Having been blessed with limited artistic ability, he drew cartoons throughout grammar, high school, and college. While serving in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War he had\nseveral cartoons printed in the Stars & Stripes newspaper. After joining the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, he continued drawing, with his cartoons appearing on locker and briefing room walls. In 1972, he was asked to submit a cartoon for a new monthly law enforcement bulletin, The Star & Shield Professional Peace Officer Association. After the first issue, he was asked to keep drawing until he submitted a cartoon that was funny. Here he is, over 35 years later still drawing. His cartoons have also hit the locker rooms of the San Francisco Police Department and the Texas Highway Patrol. He was assigned to Firestone Sheriff Station where he worked for 12 years, seven of those years as a training officer. He still draws for P.P.O.A and a Firestone Website on a regular basis.”

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