Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
Andrew J. Harvey  More Info

What is a Hero?: The American Heroes Press Short Story Anthology
Hi Tech Criminal Justice  More Info

Law Enforcement Vehicle Pullovers and Traffic Stop Operations (A Police Academy Basic Training Publication, Criminal Justice Series)
Dr. Randy Gonzalez  More Info

Dr. Randy Gonzales has enjoyed a 32 year career in the criminal justice field.  He has been a police officer, deputy sheriff, police instructor and chief of police of the New College of Florida Police Department. Dr. Randy Gonzalez holds a Master’s in Criminology and Public Administration, and a Ph.D. in Biblical Philosophy. A certified law enforcement instructor, Randy Gonzalez is the author of Law Enforcement Vehicle Pullovers and Traffic Stop Operations.


According to the description of Law Enforcement Vehicle Pullovers and Traffic Stop Operations, “Every officer can protect himself/herself by being aware of tactics for personal safety during traffic enforcement stops, and when apprehending known or suspected criminals. This instructional guide is not intended to be all inclusive, but is provided to assist the officer in recognizing situations which require certain tactics in order to enhance officer safety and survival. Only rarely should circumstances force an officer into a potentially dangerous stop without assistance. Even then the officer should consider moving to a point of surveillance and awaiting assistance. Superiority of numbers, not the bravery of a single officer, is the best deterrent against officer assaults. Certain fundamentals, such as care of equipment, caution, proper planning, effective training, tactics and skill development are critical to effective vehicle pullovers. This is a basic guide developed for preliminary tactical training.”

Disguised Weapons: The Law Enforcemnt Guide To Covert Guns, Knives, And Other Weapons
Craig Meissner  More Info

Craig Meissner is a sergeant with the New York City Police Department.  He worked patrol, as a robber investigator, patrol sergeant and training officer.  Sergeant Craig Meissner has written extensively about officer safety issues and is the author of Disguised Weapons: The Law Enforcemnt Guide To Covert Guns, Knives, And Other Weapons.

Building Search: Tactics for the Patrol Officer
James D. Stalnaker  More Info

Captain James Stalnaker of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has over 39 years of experience in law enforcement. Prior to becoming a law enforcement offical, he spent six years in the military.  During James Stalnaker’s law enforcement career he has had assignments in corrections, patrol, detectives, internal affairs and SWAT.  His law enforcement leadership experience includes working as a sergeant in patrol, the training coordinator for his SWAT team, the executive officer of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Training Division; commanding officer of the Narcotics/SWAT detail and as an Patrol Station Commander.   James Stalnaker is the author of Building Search: Tactics for the Patrol Officer.


Although written primarily for patrol officers, Building Search: Tactics for the Patrol Officer, “presents search concepts and tactics that can also be used effectively by SWAT teams, narcotics officers, probation and parole officers, and security officers. Building Search: Tactics for the Patrol Officer is packed with advice and practical tactics devised and used by a law enforcement veteran with nearly 40 years of law enforcement experience, from the streets to homicide and SWAT as an operator and supervisor.  This book isn't about theory.  The author has searched every type of building and has devised a tactical search method that is simple, effective, and emphasizes officer safety first.”

Police Books

Police Officer Survival

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Tough Training Topics: A Presenter's Survival Guide (Pfeiffer Essential Resources for Training and HR Professionals)
Steve Albrecht  More Info

Surviving Street Patrol: The Officer's Guide to Safe and Effective Policing
Steve Albrecht  More Info

Streetwork: The Way To Police Officer Safety And Survival
Steve Albrecht  More Info

Steve Albrecht a retired police officer from the San Diego Police Department founded Albrecht Training & Development. His firm provides training and consulting on workplace violence prevention and threat management.  Steve’s book, “Surviving Street Patrol: The Officer's Guide to Safe and Effective Policing,” advises fellow officers of measures they can take on a routine basis to improve their odds of going home. Whatever the challenge at hand - handcuffing noncompliant suspects; preventing suspect escapes; surviving group attacks; fighting on the ground; dodging bullets; protecting homicide scenes; or, dealing with the media - Albrecht has time-tested advice for handling it safely and effectively.  Steve’s book serves as a valuable learning tool for those street cops, regardless of the size of their beat, agency, county or city. 


Steve Albrecht has a doctorate in Business Administration and a master degree Security Management.  He is an adjunct professor of criminal justice at Chapman University and Grossmont College.  Steve has written four additional books: “Service, Service, Service,” “Added Value Negotiating,” “Tough Training Topics: The Presenter’s Survival Guide” and “Fear and Violence on the Job.”

Tactical Attitude
Phil L. Duran  More Info

Developing the Survival Attitude: A Guide for the New Officer
Phil L. Duran  More Info

Phil L. Duran has been in law enforcement for over 19 years.  He has been a member of the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department (New Mexico) for the past 18 years.  Currently, Deputy Phil Duran is the Advanced Training Coordinator for his department.  His is author of Developing the Survival Attitude and co-author of Tactical Attitude.  One reader/reviewer of Tactical Attitude said, “this book is about surviving a deadly encounter, mainly at the mental perspective. The book covers such topics as command presence, mental rehearsal, off-duty survival, sudden stress syndrome, and many others. Almost half of the text is real-life stories told by cops. This makes the book an interesting read.”  According to the book description of Developing a Survival Attitude, “this book provides you with the knowledge needed to develop the proper attitude necessary for survival on patrol, or in any other law enforcement assignment.”  Phil Duran is working on a third book on role-play training.

Surviving the Street: Officer Safety And Survival Techniques
Gerald W. Garner  More Info

Gerald W. Garner is Chief of Police of the Greeley Police Department (Colorado).  He is a 36-year veteran of law enforcement, having commenced his policing career as a patrolman at the Victoria, Texas Police Department in 1969.  He spent 30 years with the nationally acknowledged Lakewood, Colorado Police Department, retiring at the rank of division chief in 2003.  He then went on to become the Chief of Police for the Fort Lupton Police Department (Colorado), and now, the Chief of Police for the Greeley Police Department.


Chief Gerald Garner has amassed extensive experience in grass-roots policing.  In addition to his work as a patrol officer, he has served as a patrol sergeant, detective supervisor, patrol watch commander, crime prevention and public information specialist, academy director internal affairs commander, and patrol division chief. 


Chief Gerald Garner is the author of over 200 magazine and journal articles on law enforcement topics.  Many of the articles address officer safety subjects.  He has also authored six books on policing.  He instructs widely and has served as a guest lecturer at the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Academy at Quantico, Virginia and for the International Association for Chiefs of Police.


Chief Gerald Garner is the author of Surviving the Street: Officer Safety and Survival Techniques; Common Sense Police Supervision: Practical Tips for the First-Line Leader; Chief, the Reporters Are Here: The Police Executive's Personal Guide to Press Relations; High Risk Patrol: Reducing the Danger to You; Police Role in Alcohol-Related Crises; and, Police supervision: A common sense approach. 

Street Survival : Tactics For Armed Encounters
Ronald J. Adams  More Info

Special Agent Ronald J. Adams, Riverside Police Department (California), retired, is a 28 year veteran, of law enforcement and a widely known and recognized as an expert in police officer safety and survival.   He is the co-author of Street Survival: Tactics for Armed Encounters.

Advanced Vehicle Stop Tactic Skills for Today's Survival Conscious Officer
Michael T. Rayburn  More Info
Advanced Patrol Tactics: Skills for Today's Street Cop
Michael T. Rayburn  More Info

Michael T. Rayburn has over 26 years of experience in the Law Enforcement and Security field and is currently a 17 year veteran of the Saratoga Springs Police Department (New York). He is also an Adjunct Instructor for Smith & Wesson at the Smith & Wesson Academy in Springfield Massachusetts where he teaches Instinctive Point Shooting, Vehicle Stops, Rapid Shotgun Deployment and Instinctive Point Shooting Instructor Certification.


Michael Rayburn has written a number of articles for various police magazines including Law & Order, The Police Marksman and Police magazine. He is the author of three books, Advanced Vehicle Stop Tactics, Advanced Patrol Tactics and Basic Gunfighting 101.


According to Sergeant Major Eric Haney, U.S. Army (Ret.) founding member of the elite, Delta Force and author of, Inside Delta Force, “Basic Gunfighting 101 is a work of common sense and hard-headed clarity. Officer Michael T. Rayburn has written the definitive book on the subject of the close quarters fight and how to prepare for such an event. Read this book, follow its principles, absorb its lessons, and your ability to prevail in a deadly confrontation increases with exponential power.”


His video, "Instinctive Point Shooting with Mike Rayburn" is a top seller in the Law Enforcement and Combat Shooting communities. According to former Calibre Press, Inc. Street Survival Seminar Senior Instructor Dave Grossi, "Mike Rayburn is a gifted writer, an experienced trainer with a wealth of real-world knowledge and experience to dispense."

Police Field Operations (7th Edition)
Thomas F. Adams  More Info

A former lieutenant with the Santa Ana Police Department (California) and professor emeritus from Santa Ana College, Thomas F. Adams is the author of five books: Introduction to the Administration of Criminal Justice; Training Officers' Handbook; Harden the Target : A Guide to Defense of Life, Limb, and Loved Ones; Law Enforcement - An Introduction To The Police Role In The Community; and Police Field Operations. He is the co-author of a sixth: Crime Scene Investigation.


According to the book description, Police Field Operations “is written from the perspective of a working police officer, presenting real-life scenarios an officer is likely to encounter while on-duty. With its focus on community policing, it describes how and why certain procedures are used, and gives informative techniques from leading police academies from around the country. It provides readers with the widest range of up-to-date information: Use-of-force issues; guidelines for shaping and enforcing policy; officer survival and stress Reduction.  Police Field Operations helps readers develop the necessary skills of observations, perceptions, interviewing techniques, and crowd and riot control. Great resource material for those involved in police patrol procedures and police and field operations.”


According to one reader of Police Field Operations, “I had to read this book for a promotional examination and found it to be a good refresher of the very basic points that we all learned at the beginning of our police careers. When I am approached by someone who is not yet in police work and wants to read a good, simply written and understandable book on law enforcement, I always recommend this one. It may seem to be too basic for those of us in this field for the years I have served, but many areas are still very relevant”

Law enFORCEment: Reasonable Force Options
Rod Sanford  More Info

By 1960, Rod Sanford was studying the martial arts.  Through his years of study he became a preeminent practitioner and Sensei of traditional martial arts.  In 1968, Rod Sanford joined the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office.  He spent most of his 25 year career with the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office as a patrol sergeant.  However, he was a member of several specialized units such as the search and rescue team, dive team, mounted unit and the SWAT team.  In 1969, he began to teach defensive tactics to his fellow police officers.  For the next twenty-five years, Rod Sanford would teach firearms and officer safety tactics as well as defensive tactics. 


In 1983, Rod Sanford left the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office and founded the Pacific Institute of Defensive Tactics in order to teach law enforcement tactics full-time.  According to the Pacific Institute of Defensive Tactics, their method, “integrated use of force training, arrest and control, self defense, tactical communications, altercation patterns, baton tactics, officer safety, crimes-in-progress, car stops, firearms, crowd control and civil disobedience, passive demonstrator tactics, emergency response team, defensive tactics for corrections and other related tactical training.  These courses are taught on a basic, in-service and instructor level. Rod Sanford is the author of Law Enforcement: Reasonable Force Options; Basic Arrest Tactics & Self-Defense for Law Enforcement; and, Arrest Control Techniques & Baton Tactic.


According to the book description of Law Enforcement: Reasonable Force Options, “This book is for all law enforcement officers, students and instructors. No matter what your background or system you will find, tactics and techniques that will help you enjoy a successful career and keep you going home safely at the end of each shift. Rod Sanford has drawn from over 30 years of law enforcement and training experience to bring you the essence of use of force, defensive tactics and officer training in a complete text with over 1,600 step-by-step photographs.”

Defensive Tactics for Special Operations
Jim Wagner  More Info

During his career with the Costa Mesa Police Department, Jim Wagner earned a place on the SWAT team. It was through this conduit that Jim learned about logistics, command post operations, hostage negotiations, entry team tactics, and sniping. On the job training included courses with LAPD SWAT, the U.S. Army Special Forces, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Tactical Training Center, and from U.S. Marines Division Schools Camp Pendleton (Advanced Sniper Course, Military Operations Urban Terrain, Helicopter Rope Suspension Training, and Range Safety Officer).  Jim Wagner’s second book, Defensive Tactics for Special Operations, was recently released.


According to the book description of Defensive Tactics for Special Operations, “The techniques and methods that form the basis of military and combat defensive training are detailed in this insightful guide from a personal protection expert. Chapters provide instruction on knife defense, unarmed fighting, weapon retention, and arrest and control techniques. Police and military personnel as well as self-defense instructors and students at all levels will benefit from simple instructions and step-by-step exercises.”

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