Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
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What is a Hero?: The American Heroes Press Short Story Anthology
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Police Officer's Bible: Holman Christian Standard Bible with Special Prayer and Devotional Section for those who Protect and Serve
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Beyond the Badge, A Spiritual Survival Guide for Cops and Their Families
Charles Ferrara  More Info

Charles Ferrara spent 16 years on the New York Police Department, retiring as a Lieutenant.  On his career, Charles Ferrara said, “with the exception of my academy training and my last year as the Personnel Lieutenant with the Patrol Borough Manhattan South Command, all of my service time was as a street cop in high crime areas of the city.”  For the last 15 years, Charles Ferrara has been a police chaplain.  He authored the book Beyond the Badge: A Spiritual Guide for Cops and their Families.  According to James V. Heidinger II, of Good News, “"The demands made upon an officer of the law are enormous. As a former cop and police chaplain, Chuck Ferrara understands that. He knows that to be successful, officers need something beyond the badge.”

Take Up the Shield: Comparing the Uniform of the Police Officer & the Armor of God
Tony Miano  More Info

Tony Miano has been a deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department since 1987. He served full-time until 2000, when he left full-time duty to pursue the ministry and to become a law enforcement chaplain. Since then he has continued to work as a police officer, serving as a reserve deputy sheriff. During his time with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, he has served in many different assignments, including: patrol officer, training officer, gang investigator in the Custody Division.  He has been assigned to Santa Clarita Valley Station since 1991.  Tony has been the chaplain for the deputies assigned to SCV Station and the personnel of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department since 2000.


In Ephesians 6, Paul describes the armor of God using an illustration familiar to his readers—the Roman soldier’s attire. In his book, “Take Up the Shield: Comparing the Uniform of the Police Officer & the Armor of God,” Tony Miano uses a contemporary equivalent—the police uniform—to give readers fresh insight into this well-known passage.

A Spirituality For Police Officers
John Moreno  More Info

John Moreno joined the New York Police Department in 1955; and, retired at the rank of lieutenant in 1984. While on the job he earned an Associate Degree in Police Science and later a Bachelor Degree in Theology. Upon retiring he accepted a position on the staff of the Bishop Molloy Retreat House, working with the Passionist Community of priests and brothers. While working there he went on to earn a Masters Degree in Catholic Doctrine. After leaving that position he became associated with the Marianist Community organizing, promoting and offering spiritual programs at their Emmanuel Marianist Retreat House.


 He is founder of Catholic Lay Preachers, a small group of experienced lay speakers offering their talents to religious organizations.  He is also the author of A Spirituality for Police Officers which provides “Spiritual help for those in law enforcement and their families.”

The Sting of the Gadfly
Gregory Allen Doyle  More Info

God Is Not an Option
Gregory Allen Doyle  More Info

Sergeant Gregory Allen Doyle of the Upland Police Department (California) served in the United States Army from 1976 through 1979.  He has been in law enforcement for over 20 years, of which more than seven have been as a first line supervisor.  He is the author of The Sting of the Gadfly and God is not an Option.


According to the book description of The Sting Of The Gadfly it “is a collection of poems, thoughts, songs, and short stories, the majority of which are about God's interaction with Mankind, the necessity of faith, and the wellspring of hope that occurs with a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The publishing of the book was a gift from his wife, Linda, for their 25th wedding anniversary. The book assembles a number of unique poetic writing styles and the author's personal perspectives as a father, a husband, a police officer, a Christian, and a child of God. There are few satirical bumps in the road to make the drive more enjoyable as well. It is hoped each reader will appreciate the great lengths God has gone to gain his or her attention in eternity.”

26 Years On The Losing Side
Conrad Jensen  More Info

Conrad Jensen is a retired inspector from the New York Police Department.  He is the author of the 1964 work, Twenty-six Years on the Losing Side.  The book is an account of the social problems of the day from a Christian perspective.  Chapters include: Justice; Thou Shalt Not Kill; Gambling; Strong Drink; Corruption; Juvenile Delinquency; Degeneracy; Responsibility; A Losing Fight; Marching Saints; What the Bible Says About Policemen, What is a Cop?  Among the quotes from his book is, “God grant that we who fall into the category of policeman, might recognize our God given opportunity to help the helpless, defend the defenseless and bring to justice those who turn their backs on God and country and live by their own code.”

Law Enforcement Funeral Manual: A Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies When Faced With the Death of a Member of Their Department
William P. Sanders  More Info

In addition to being a former Costa Mesa Police Department police officer, William Sanders is a United Methodist Pastor.  He has earned a BA and MS, as well as a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry degree.  Chaplain William Sanders is a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists, and the International Critical Stress Foundation.  William Sanders is a Certified Master Chaplain by the International Conference of Police Chaplains, a Certified Traumatic Responder by the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists; and, is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management.  William Sanders is the author of Law Enforcement Funeral Manual: A Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies When Faced With the Death of a Member of Their Department.

Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry: A Guide to Transforming Your Students' Spiritual Lives into Journey, Adventure, and Encounter
Jeannie Oestreicher  More Info

Larry Warner was a deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for six years.  Today, Larry Warner is executive director of b a ministry which provides spiritual direction, contemplative retreats, and holistic leadership development for pastors, ministry leaders, and church staffs. Warner is also a spiritual director and an adjunct professor at Bethel Seminary in San Diego, and he directs the training and ongoing development of spiritual directors. Larry Warner is the co-author of Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry: A Guide to Transforming Your Student's Spiritual Life into Journey, Adventure, and Encounter.


According to the book description of Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry: A Guide to Transforming Your Student's Spiritual Life into Journey, Adventure, and Encounter, “Have you ever been in the middle of a really great explanation of Gods love, and then you look into the eyes of your students and you know they don’t get it? They’re not confused. They just aren’t impacted by the best news in the history of the world. Have you ever been frustrated or felt defeated as they sit there with dull eyes and give you their Sunday school responses? Do you long for them to intimately experience the overwhelming love and comfort, peace and mystery of the person of God? Do you ache for them to see themselves through Christ’s eyes, through eyes of compassion and delight? Now for real honesty do you struggle to experience these truths for yourself?


Then this book is for you. But beware the message in this book is dangerous. The truth contained in these pages, if you choose to embrace it, will lead you into new places with yourself and with God. There’s a recklessness to all this. It doesn’t lead to control or systematized truth, but to freedom, mystery, surprise, and discovery. We pray that this book will help you and your students deeply experience Gods peace, encouragement, comfort, play, challenge, and all-encompassing love through the use of imaginative prayer.”

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