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All of the books listed on this page were written by a state or local police officer.

Report Writing PowerPoint Presentations

The New Police Report Manual
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In 1968 Devallis Rutledge joined the Santa Police Department where he served for two years.  In 1975, he completed law school and in 1976 joined the Orange County District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor.  Since 2000, Devallis Rutledge has worked as private counsel in a law firm and as Special Counsel to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.  Devallis Rutledge is the author of eleven books: Criminal Investigations and Evidence; The New Police Report Manual; Courtroom Survival, The Officer's Guide to Better Testimony; The Search and Seizure Handbook; The Officer Survival Manual; Criminal Interrogation, Law and Tactics; California Criminal Procedure; California Criminal Law Concepts; The Search and Seizure Field Guide California Peace Officers Field Source guide; and, PC 832 Concepts.


According to the book description of The New Police Report Manual, “this manual is the undisputed authority on plain-talk report writing techniques. Interesting and easy-to-read, it provides hundreds of examples that show easier and better ways to write without any spelling or grammar lessons. It is valuable as a supplemental reader for investigations or police communications courses. Students will devour this book and gain an incredible understanding of the impact report writing has on the complex issues surrounding a case.”

How to Really, Really Write Those Boring Police Reports
Kimberly Clark  More Info

Kimberly Clark is a thirteen-year veteran of the Tampa Police Department. Since 1990, she has been a state certified high-liability instructor and an avid member of ASLET. During Kimberly Clark’s law enforcement career she worked uniformed patrol, undercover, as a latent detective and field training officer.  As a law enforcement training, Kimberly Clark has provided instruction in report writing, high stress radio procedures, use-of-force documentation, map reading, orientation, and defensive tactics.


After her retirement from the Tampa Police Department, Kimberly Clark continued to teach at the Tampa Police Academy and online classes for the Smith and Wesson Police Academy. Kimberly Clark is the author of How to Really, Really Write Those Boring Police Reports!


According to the book description of How To Really, Really Write Those Boring Police Reports, “they might be boring but reports can make or break cases and even careers! How solid are yours? In this easy-to read and (believe it or not!) enjoyable report-writing guide, expert Tampa PD Academy writing instructor Kimberly Clark teaches you to get reports flowing easily and in the right direction: avoid jumbled and confusing narratives quickly spot key report contributors at the scene; focus on three basic but essential elements every report needs; use street slang wisely to get your point across.”

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