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Tactical Police Officer Books

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In addition to listing each of the police officers and other state or local law enforcement officials who have written books on police and law enforcement tactics and conducting tactical operations, we have broken those author's books out into these categories:

Canine (K9)

Edged Weapons


Officer Survival

Physical Fitness

Special Weapons and Tactics

Undercover Operations

Weapon-less Defense

This is the list of police officer authors who have written books on police and law enforcement

Ronald J. Adams, Riverside Police Department

Thomas F. Adams, Santa Ana Police Department

Steve Albrecht, San Diego Police Department

Tony Alvarez, Los Angeles Police Department

Richard Ashby, Santa Ana Police Department

Massad F. Ayoob, Grantham Police Department

Derrick D. Bartlett, Fort Lauderdale Police Department

Charles Beene, San Francisco Police Department

Joe Blanco, Greensboro Police Department

Frank Bolz, New York Police Department

Gerald W. Boyd, Martinez Police Department

Antonio Bustillo, Miami Police Department

Loren W. Christensen, Portland Police Bureau

Jim Cirillo, New York City Police Department

Michael Conti, Massachusetts State Police

Jeff Cope, Huntington Beach Police Department

Robert Dent, Oregon State Police

Jim Di Giovanna, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Phil L. Duran, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department

Vincent Faggiano, Rochester Police Department

Gerald W. Garner, Greeley Police Department

James L. Greenstone, Fort Worth Police Department

Charles "Sid" Heal, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Dale L. June, Sacramento Police Department

Chuck Klein, Woodlawn Police Department

John A. Kolman, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Dave Lauck, Campbell Country Sheriff's Office

Wayne R. Lippert, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Jacquelyn MacConnell, Phoenix Police Department

George F. Maher, Nassau County Police Department

Evan Marshall, Detroit Police Department

Ronald M. McCarthy, Los Angeles Police Department

Kevin Means, San Diego Police Department

Craig Meissner, New York City Police Department

John Morrison, San Diego Police Department

Dennis Nasci, Village of West Milwaukee Police Department

Rob Pincus, San Miguel County Sheriff's Office

Timothy A. Perry, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Howard Rahtz, Cincinnati Police Department

Michael T. Rayburn, Saratoga Springs Police Department

David Rose, Placer County Sheriff's Department

Rod Sanford, Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office

Edwin Sanow, Benton County Sheriff's Department

Jack H. Schonely, Los Angeles Police Department

Dave Spaulding, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

James Stalnaker, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

Sanford Strong, San Diego Police Department

Gabriel Suarez, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office

Steve Tarani, Del Rey Oaks Police Department

George Thompson, Sandoval County Sheriff's Office

Jerry VanCook, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Jim Wagner, Costa Mesa Police Department

Brent Walker, Galveston County Sheriff's Office

Rocky Warren, Placer County Sheriff's Department

Derrick Watkins, Santa Ana Police Department

Mike Young, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Selected books on Police and Law Enforcement tactics written by police and other law enforcement officials.

Riot and crowd control from a law enforcement professional

Riot Prevention and Control: A Police Officer's Guide to Managing Violent and Nonviolent Crowds
Ret. Capt. Charles Beene  More Info
Undercover tactics from an undercover police officer

Decoy Ops: Fighting Street Crime Undercover
Charles Beene  More Info

Far Beyond Defensive Tactics
Loren W. Christensen  More Info

Contact & Cover: Two-Officer Suspect Control
Steve Albrecht  More Info

Surviving Street Patrol: The Officer's Guide to Safe and Effective Policing
Steve Albrecht  More Info

Surviving the Street: Officer Safety And Survival Techniques
Gerald W. Garner  More Info

Basic Patrol Procedures: A Foundation for the Law Enforcement Student : A Review for the Veteran Officer
Tim Perry  More Info
Reality-Based Personal Protection: Book and DVD Combo
Jim Wagner  More Info

Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight
Steve Tarani  More Info

Street Survival : Tactics For Armed Encounters
Ronald J. Adams  More Info

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