Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
Andrew J. Harvey  More Info

What is a Hero?: The American Heroes Press Short Story Anthology
Hi Tech Criminal Justice  More Info

A sting by Las Vegas Police, the local DA and the FBI.

All Crooks Welcome
John Miller  More Info

The true account of breaking the philadelphia mob, by a Philadelphia Police Department police capt.

Breaking the Mob
Frank Friel  More Info
True account of a murder investigation by a Riverside County Lieutenant

Culture Shock: Basesd on the True Story of the Murder of Gisela Pfleger
Ross R. Koepp  More Info
The first known and capture serial killer by a deputy sheriff

The Postcard Killer: The True Story of J. Frank Hickey
Vance McLaughlin  More Info

Final Affair (Berkley True Crime)
Frank McAdams  More Info
True crime story by the investigator, now a deputy chief on his police department

Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine
Joseph K. Loughlin  More Info
A Evansville Police Department's hunt for a midwest serial killer

Blood Trail (Pinnacle True Crime)
Steven Walker  More Info

The Re-Killing of Greyeyes: The Trilogy of a Single Death
Mark Nosack  More Info

Killer Priest: The Crimes, Trial, and Execution of Father Hans Schmidt (Crime, Media, and Popular Culture)
Mark Gado  More Info

Police Books

True Crime

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True Crime told by Real Cops

All of the books listed on this page were written (or, co-written) by police officers.  These true crime stories are often told by the lead investigator of the case; someone with intimate knowledge of the true crime. Many times, with the help of an experienced writer, these police officers, detectives and investigators can give the reader insight into the crime, the investigation and prosecution of the offender. 

Police True Crime Writers

John Anderson, California Highway Patrol


Jim Barrett, Ventura County Sheriff's Department

Tom Basinski, Chula Vista Police Department


Stephen Beeler, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


Ray Biondi, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department


Timothy Carney, Orange County Sheriff's Department


Troy Cole, Kansas City Police Department


Thomas Dades, New York Police Department


Baird Davis, Muncie Police Department


Gary A. Dias, Honolulu Police Department

John Dillman, New Orleans Police Department


Ernie Dorling, Hollywood Police Department

Andrew K. Dutch, New Jersey State Police


Greg Ferency, Terre Haute Police Department


Jaye Slade Fletcher, Chicago Police Department


Frank Friel, Philadelphia Police Department

Winona M. Franz, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


Mark Fuhrman, Los Angeles Police Department


Mark Gado, New Rochelle Police Department


Maurice Godwin, Oxford Police Department


Susan Goreck, Polk County Sheriff's Office


Dennis N. Griffin, Madison County Sheriff's Office


Dale Griffis, Tiffin Police Department


Lake Headley, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


Ted Hinton, Dallas County Sheriff's Department


Steve Hodel, Los Angeles Police Department


David Hunter, Knox County Sheriff's Office


Gary Jones, Fort Lauderdale Police Department


William Keegan, Jr., Port Authority Police Department


Christine Keers, Riverside Police Department


Ross Koepp, Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Joseph Kozenczak, Des Plaines Police Department

Karl Kretser, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office


Tom Lange, Los Angeles Police Department

William Lippert, Salinas Police Department


Joseph K. Loughlin, Portland Police Department


Anne Lowery, Cortland Police Department


Nick Mangieri, Palmer Police Department

Robert Martin, Lower Township Police Department


John Matthews, Dallas Police Department

Cherokee Paul McDonald, Fort Lauderdale Police Department


Chris McDonough, Oceanside Police Department


Leigh McEachern, Orange County Sheriff's Department (Florida)


David McElligott, New York State Police


Vance McLaughlin, Savannah Police Department


John "Jack" Miller, Nevada State Gaming Control Board


Robert Mladinich, New York Police Department


Charles Moose, Montgomery County Police Department


Scott Morrison, Fresno County Sheriff's Department

Ernest Naspretto, New York Police Department


Mark Lee Nosack, Sandy City Police Department


Raymond Null, Wilton Manors Police Department


William Oldham, New York Police Department


William Palmini, UC Hastings Department of Safety and Security


Patrick Picciarelli, New York Police Department


Larry C. Pike, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office


Raymond Pingitore, Johnston Police Department


John William Poe, Lincoln County Sheriff's Office


Rick Porrello, Lyndhurst Police Department

Chester Pritchett, Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office


Richard Reed, Evansville Police Department


Prentice Earl Sanders, San Francisco Police Department


Scott Shaw, Pocatello Police Department


Russell Smith, San Angelo Police Department


Charles Stoker, Los Angeles Police Department


Charles Stone, Georgia Bureau of Investigations


Steve Thomas, Boulder Police Department


Phillip Vannatter, Los Angeles Police Department

Michael Varnado, Washington Parish Sheriff's Office


Joseph Wambaugh, Los Angeles Police Department


Larry Wansley, Compton Police Department

Select Police True Crime Novels

This book introduces the first mass use of DNA to solve crimes.

The Blooding
Joseph Wambaugh  More Info
This should be required reading for police recruits.

The Onion Field
Joseph Wambaugh  More Info

No Good Deed (Berkley True Crime)
Tom Basinski  More Info
A true crime book from an experienced Hollywood Police Department police officer

With Consciousness of Guilt: The Sexual Predator Among Us
Ernest Dorling  More Info
Corruption and Politics from a retired Muncie Police Department police officer

The Middletown Myth: Based On True Events
Baird Davis  More Info
A true crime thriller from a Dallas Police Department police officer

The Eyeball Killer
Matthews  More Info
A year under cover by a Polk County Sheriff's deputy to catch this killer

Poison Mind
Jeffrey Good  More Info

The Riverside Killer
C. Keers  More Info
Co-authored by the lead investigator

Eye of the Beast: The True Story of Serial Killer James Wood
Terry Adams  More Info

A Perfect Gentleman
Slade Jaye Fletcher  More Info

Slave Master (Pinnacle True Crime)
Sue Wiltz  More Info

Ma Duncan
Jim Barrett  More Info
True mob stories by a deputy sheriff and state investigator transplanted from New York to Las Vegas

Cullotta: The Life of a Chicago Cri Las Vegas Mobster and Government Witness
Dennis N. Griffin  More Info

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