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Essex County Sheriff's Office

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Joe Hefferon

About Essex County Sheriff's Office

The Essex County Sheriff's Office law enforcement services operations are organized into: Civil Process Division; Courts Division; Detective Division; Bureau of Criminal Identification; Transportation Division; and, Information Technology.  The Field Operations section is organized into the K-9/Bomb Disposal Unit; Bureau of Narcotics; and, Patrol Division.

According to the Essex County Sheriff's Office, “In September 2006, the Division of County Police was fully merged into the ranks of the Sheriff’s Office and is now known as the Patrol Division. Patrol Division officers are charged with the critical responsibility of patrolling and enforcing the law throughout Essex County which includes, but is not limited to, more than 6,000 acres of parkland and all county-owned and county-operated buildings and facilities.

The Patrol Division’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of incidents and calls to service including assisting all municipalities within Essex County when called upon. When not answering calls, the Patrol Division conducts proactive policing in order to maintain safety in Essex County. Our volunteer, fully trained, non-paid Deputy Division augments the efforts of our Patrol Division officers in the field.

Patrol Division officers and volunteer deputies are invaluable assets to the safety and security of our parks, especially during the peak recreational months from April through October. During this period, our parks system hosts hundreds of thousands of patrons who enjoy a vast array of musical concerts, festivals, fairs, family picnics, reunions, athletic competitions, golf tournaments, zoo programs, ice and roller skating sessions and scores of community events.”

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