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Anthony Smith

About the Georgia State Univeristy Police Department

The Georgia State University Police Department is organized into Police Operations and Police Services.  The Police Operations components of the Georgia State University Police Department include patrol, pedestrian safety, communications, investigations and training.


The Patrol Division consists of one lieutenant, three sergeants and ten to fifteen police officers per shift.  The police officers in the Patrol Division patrol the university in vehicle, on bicycle and on foot. According to the Georgia State University Patrol Division, “To fulfill the role and mission to the Georgia State University Community the Patrol Bureau is responsible for providing a variety of protective and security services designed for the preservation of life, and personal safety of the University customer and the protection of personal and University property. To prevent crime and by aggressive community oriented policing and visible patrol methods.”


The Investigations Unit of the Georgia State Police Department is commanded by a lieutenant and sergeant and includes two investigators.  The Investigations Unit is responsible to conduct follow-up investigations on crimes reported to the police department.


The Police Services component of the Georgia State Police Department includes crime prevention, records, key control, security guards and event security.  Over 40 sworn and non-sworn work in Police Services.




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