In 1893, the NYPD Lexow Commission found systematic and pervasive police corruption.

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Glenville Police Department (New York)

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Michael D. Ranalli

About the Glenville Police Department:

The Glenville Police Department serves a population of approximately 21,000 and covers 50 square miles of territory. The department is comprised of 26 sworn officers, 11 dispatchers, 2 secretaries and 1 dog control officer. The department received over 14,000 calls for service last year. According to their website, they were:  First agency in the Capital District Region to replace sworn police officers with civilian dispatch personnel;

First agency in the area to install a network of microcomputers to perform police administrative functions; First agency in the region to implement a system for management of criminal investigations through employment of "solvability factors", resulting in productive follow-up efforts; First agency in the area to implement the "Neighborhood Watch" crime prevention program; First agency in the region to install computer based radio communications in the 800-megahertz frequency range; First agency in the region to transition officers from the traditional police revolver to new semi-automatic pistols; and, First agency in New York State to install the Law Enforcement Television Network satellite training system.





Selected book by a Glenville Police Department Police Officer.

Search & Seizure Law of Nys: Volume I - Street Encounters
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