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Bill Chipman

About the Harvard University Police Department

According to the Harvard University Police Department they are “responsible for the safety and security of more than 19,000 students, 14,000 faculty and staff members, and 700 buildings in an open and accessible environment. The HUPD is a full-service police department (comprising a Patrol Division, Criminal Investigation Division, and Dignitary Protection Unit) that includes police officers, detectives, civilian communication dispatchers, and support and administrative personnel.

Some core functions of the Department are: responding to criminal incidents; checking on the well-being of students, faculty, and staff; responding to disturbances; providing escorts; taking reports of lost and stolen property; responding to lockouts; investigating suspicious activity; responding to alarms; and investigating trespassers or unwanted guests.

HUPD officers are sworn special State Police officers with deputy sheriff powers. Those powers give them the authority to respond to any crime on campus and any "breach of the peace" on city streets in Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston. Officers receive the same academy training as officers from Cambridge. With the exception of a couple of crimes, such as a homicide, the HUPD has primary jurisdiction over all crimes occurring on campus. However, the Department maintains a good working relationship with Cambridge Police, Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police, and Somerville Police and will coordinate with them at times in order to ensure the most appropriate response to criminal incidents occurring both on campus and the areas immediately adjacent to campus.”

Books authored by law enforcement officials of the Harvard University Police Department.


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