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Leon County Sheriff's Office (Florida)

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About the Leon County Sheriff’s Office:

The Sheriff is an elected Constitutional Law Enforcement Official in the State of Florida. Statutory authority for the Office of Sheriff is found in Section 30.15 F. S. S. As such, the Sheriff has broad law enforcement authority and is the "chief law enforcement officer" in each county.  The Leon County Sheriff's Office was formed in 1842. Since that time there have been 21 Sheriff's; Larry Campbell is the 22nd Sheriff. The Agency employs in excess of 600 employees.


The office of the Sheriff consists of the Sheriff, Majors, Chief Administrative Officer, Office of Legal Counsel, Administrative Investigations Bureau, Office of Quality Assurance and the Public Information Officer. The Majors are the Directors over the Law Enforcement, Corrections and Support Services Divisions.  The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for the Administration Division.   The Office of Legal Counsel provides legal advice and counsel to the Sheriff and Sheriff's Employees in such areas as criminal law, civil law, administrative law and employment law. The Administrative Investigations Bureau processes citizens complaints involving alleged violations of regulations by deputies.  They investigate the citizen's complaint and forward a recommendation to the sheriff. The Office of Quality Assurance is managed by an accreditation management and staff inspections. The Public Information Officer is responsible for handling the media concerns and disseminating news releases.




Selected book by a Leon County Sheriff's Office deputy sheriff

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