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Jim Daly

About the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office

Oklahoma’s first constitution, adopted in July 1907, created the Office of Sheriff as an elected official in each county. Oklahoma’s constitution has been revised several times through the years, but the constitutional provisions establishing the Office of Sheriff remains the same as it was in 1907. Oklahoma County marks its beginnings with Oklahoma Territory. It was one of the first seven counties of Oklahoma, organized under the Organic Act passed by Congress on May 2, 1890. It was designated County Number 2 until voters named it Oklahoma County. There have been 22 Sheriff’s of Oklahoma County. The first Sheriff was C.H. DeFord who took office on June 30, 1890, and served for 19 months through January, 1892. The average length of service of all Sheriff’s of Oklahoma County has been 5 years, with the longest being almost 26 years and the shortest 1 month.


The largest field division in the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, the Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling 720 square miles, and protecting nearly 700,000 citizens in Oklahoma County. The 50 member Patrol Division offers specialty services though the K-9, Traffic Safety, and Motorcycle Units. The Tactical Unit handles situations which require specialized equipment and training including barricaded suspects, hostage situation, and high risk arrests. The Sheriff’s Tactical Unit has primary responsibility for all unincorporated areas, Tinker Air Force Base, and assists other agencies


The Investigations Divisions primary duties are to conduct thorough follow-up investigations of crimes that occur within the primary jurisdiction of Oklahoma County. In addition the unit initiates new investigations based on criminal intelligence provided by deputies in the field and provide investigative assistance to other law enforcement agencies.





Selected book from a Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office (Oklahoma) deputy sheriff.

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