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What Every Chief Executive Should Know
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Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
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College Education
A one-stop location for information on your college degree.

Constantine's Circus
Constantine's Circus, Inc. is a type B not-for-profit educational and charitable corporation organized under the laws of the State of New York with offices in Albany, New York. 

September University

September University, published by Police Officer Writer, Charles D. Hayes, is a state of mind: it has no physical address, no faculty, and no staff. Instead, September University is a concept for a new way of aging, with the aim of erasing the notion of retirement from our vocabulary.

Criminal Justice
A complete listing of courses offered by police officers turned educators.

Criminal Justice Forum
The only criminal justice forum professionally moderated by criminal justice professionals for criminal justice practitioners, students and academics.

Detective Lieutenant Barry Baker retired from the Baltimore Police Department in 2004. During his thirty-two year career, Baker served as a patrol officer, sergeant, and lieutenant, as well as a special operations lieutenant and detective lieutenant

Criminal Justice Degree Online

Continuously updated information on criminal justice degree online, course work, history, college and university recommendations.


Computer Crime Online

An online undergraduate course in computer crime. Exploring the technical, legal and societal developments of computer crime and other forms of high tech crime. Includes hyperlinks to computer crime and criminal justice resources online.


Criminal Justice Policy Online

An online graduate course in criminal justice policy. Explores the link between theory, politics, economics and other societal issues, and the various criminal justice policies. As OSINT, it provides hyperlinks to criminal justice resources online.


Criminal Justice Supervision Online

An online course in criminal justice supervision. Focuses on the use of online resources to explore supervision in criminal justice. Not strictly an OSINT course as passwords are required to access certain library and other online resources.


Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice Management

An online course in the legal aspects of criminal justice management. Explores legal issues of management within criminal justice e.g., civil liability and personnel actions. The course is OSINT, includes links to criminal justice resources.


Minorities & the Criminal Justice System

An online undergraduate course in exploring the relationship of minority groups and individuals to the criminal justice system. The site is OSINT and includes links to issues such as court decisions and racial profiling.


Police Administration Online

An online course in police administration. Explores police administration and its relationship to the wider criminal justice system. It is OSINT and includes a link page to numerous criminal justice resources related to police administration.


Police Misconduct Online

An online undergraduate level course exploring police misconduct from an individual, organizational and societal level. Includes an outstanding links page to police misconduct related websites and criminal justice resources.


Principles of Investigations and Reporting

An online undergraduate level course exploring the principles of investigations and reporting in law enforcement and the wider criminal justice system. The course is OSINT and includes links to PowerPoint presentations and criminal justice resources.


Private/Contract Security & Criminal Justice

An online undergraduate course exploring the relationship between private/contract security and criminal justice. The site is OSINT and includes links to criminal justice resources and private security.


Terrorism and Criminal Justice Online

An online undergraduate course exploring terrorism and the criminal justice system. The course is OSINT and provides numerous links to homeland security, terrorism and criminal justice related subjects.


Homeland Security Online

Dedicated to open source intelligence and online educational resources about terrorism for criminal justice practitioners, students and academics. Includes OSINT documents, newsletter and articles about homeland security and criminal justice.


Criminal Justice Online - Alpha Phi Sigma

The Criminal Justice Honor's Society at California State University, Fullerton website. Site features include the history of the larger organization, membership requirements and application, and email addresses of the officers and faculty advisors.

NYPD2LAPD: An Introduction to Policing

The online companion website for the criminal justice students using the text book - NYPD to LAPD: An Introduction to Policing. Includes online bios of the authors and hyperlinks to other writing projects.

The Enforcement Function Online

An online undergraduate level criminal justice course in the enforcement function at the local, state and federal level. The course is OSINT providing hyperlinks to criminal justice resources.

SPALANCO can design courses of training for any first responder and for the parent agency.  SPALANCO believes in providing the very best on-site training that every person who attends will absolutely learn and be able to speak Spanish within a very short period of time.  SPALANCO is determined to provide the absolute best service to every student at a cost unimaginable to the student or agency.  SPALANCO is owned and operated by police officer turned writer Steve Gaenzle.

The inability to communicate with a Spanish speaking person prevents us from fully understanding the situation, and sometimes from totally addressing the correct problem. This can put their lives in danger, as well as our safety. This is a problem that must be looked at and fixed. The goal of Spanish 4 is to help bridge this gap for our emergency personnel, thus protecting and allowing us to fully do our jobs. Spanish 4 Emergencies was founded by Brady Lewis in 2002. Lewis, now 25, is a 4-year reserve police officer and a 3-year emergency dispatcher in his hometown of Anderson, Indiana. I decided I needed to learn some emergency Spanish for my own safety, as well as the safety of the subjects with whom I was coming into contact, Lewis says.

Practical Edge Shooting, Inc
Practical Edge Shooting specializes in providing firearm instruction that can be applied to a variety of shooting disciplines from the beginning shooter to the elite armed professional.  David Blosser, a police officer and founder of Practical Edge Shooting, has numerous certifications and years of experience in both a tactical background and competitive shooting. Together this provides him with a wealth of knowledge to provide exceptional training.  Practical Edge Shooting is currently based out of Kennewick Washington. Practical Edge Shooting can also provide on site training at other locations.

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