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Fountain Valley Police Department (California)

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About the Fountain Valley Police Department
The Fountain Valley Police Department (California) is organized into four bureaus: Patrol; Traffic; Detective; and Records.  According to the Fountain Valley Police Department, “The Patrol Division, often referred to as "the backbone of the Police Department", operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Patrol Officers generally work in full uniform and operate marked black and white Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor vehicles. They are the first responders to the public calls for service, the key to our Community-Oriented Policing efforts and the City's first line of defense against the criminal element.”


The Detective Bureau provides follow-up investigations on all criminal matters with the exception of those involving narcotics and gangs. The Bureau is commanded by a Detective Lieutenant and is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, 5 full-time Investigators, a civilian Court Liaison, a civilian Crime Analyst, and a Secretary. Each Investigator handles a specific assignment, which includes the investigation of crimes against persons, juvenile and sexual assaults, fraud/forgery and checks, residential and commercial burglaries and auto theft and miscellaneous crimes.


The Fountain Valley Police Department also has specialized units such as SWAT, K9, Crisis Negotiators and Field Training Officers.  In 2006 the Fountain Valley Police Department joined forces with the West County SWAT Team. The West County SWAT Team is a regional Special Weapons and Tactics Team serving the cities of Cypress, Los Alamitos, Westminster and Fountain Valley. West County SWAT consists of police personnel made of four distinct units including; Tactical Officers, Tactical Emergency Paramedics, Crisis Negotiators and Tactical Dispatchers. Joining West County SWAT resulted in a four-fold increase in personnel trained for tactical operations.  As a partner on this team, police personnel train a minimum of 10 hours per month in critical incident management, tactics and pre-planned responses to a variety of dangerous incidents.




Selected book from a Fountain Valley Police Department police officer.

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