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As part of his mayoral campaign, candidate Rudolph Giuliani pledged to end the long unresolved discussion and merge all three of New York City's police departments (the NYPD, the Transit Police, and the NYC Housing Authority Police Department) into a single, coordinated force.  Mayor Giuliani took office on January 1, 1994, and immediately undertook to fulfill his promise and end a problem that had defied final solution for almost half a century.  Discussions between the City and the New York City Transit Authority produced a memorandum of understanding, and on April 2, 1995, the NYC Transit Police was consolidated with the New York City Police Department to become a new Bureau within the NYPD. After a reorganization of the Department in February of 1997, the Transit Bureau became the Transit Division within the newly formed Transportation Bureau. The Transportation Bureau dissolved in the Spring of 1998 and in July of 1999, the Transit Division once again became the Transit Bureau. The Transit Bureau has entered the new millennium and shall continue to provide dedicated police protection to the nation's largest rapid transit system in the 21st century.

Selected books by New York City Transit Police Department police officers.

Tunnel Vision: (Thru the Eyes of a Transit Cop)
W. K. Brown  More Info

Codes of Betrayal
Dorothy Uhnak  More Info

On The Job
Barry H. Horney  More Info

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