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Alphabetical Listing of Law Enforcement Officials - Letter T

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This is an alphabetical listing of police officers, state troopers, deputy sheriffs and other law enforcement officials who have authored book.  You can also view the list of law enforcement agencies by state, here;  Or, the list of agencies alphabetically, here; Or, use any of the navigation links about to take you to topics, international and federal police officers.

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James Tagliarini, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Steve Tarani, Del Rey Oaks Police Department
Joe Talyor, Havana Police Department
D. Alex Taws, San Antonio Police Department
Louis Telano, New York City Housing Police
Ray Tercek, Portland Police Bureau
Leonard Territo, Leon County Sheriff's Office
Joe Tip Thomas, Chicago Police Department
Kim Thomas, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Michael V.J. Thomas, Dallas Police Department
Steve Thomas, Boulder Police Department
George Thompson, Sandoval County Sheriff's Office
Vern Thornton, Broward County Sheriff's Office
Peter Thoshinsky, San Francisco Police Department
Bruce Tognetti, Colma Police Department
William D. Tolhurst, Niagara County Sheriff's Department
Dave Toma, Newark Police Department
Victor Paez Torres, Santa Ana Police Department
Ron Turco, Beaverton Police Department
Allan Turner, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Joseph Turner, New York Police Department
Martin Turner, Washakie County Sheriff's Department
Maureen Tracy, San Diego County Sheriff's Department
Norman A. Traub, Orange Police Department
Neal Trautman, Winter Park Police Department
Joseph A. Travers, Hawthorne Police Department
C. Ed Traylor, Illinois State Police
Michael P. Tremoglie, Philadelphia Police Department
Jack Trombetta, Lower Township Police Department
Robert Trotta, New York City Police Department
Joseph Truncale, Glenview Police Department

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