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Alphabetical Listing of Law Enforcement Officials - Letter V

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This is an alphabetical listing of police officers, state troopers, deputy sheriffs and other law enforcement officials who have authored book.  You can also view the list of law enforcement agencies by state, here;  Or, the list of agencies alphabetically, here; Or, use any of the navigation links about to take you to topics, international and federal police officers.

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Richard Valdemar, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Al Valdez, Orange County District Attorney's Office
Jerry VanCook, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
William R. Vanderberg, Metropolitan Police Department
Rick Van Horne, Kern County Sheriff's Office
Vincent B. Van Hasselt, Plantation Police Department
Phillip Vannatter, Los Angeles Police Department
Michael Varnado, Washington Parish Sheriff's Office
Alvin L. Vaughan, Alhambra Police Department
Douglas J. Vaughn, New York Police Department
Kreig Vens, Retired Detective
Robert L. Vernon, Los Angeles Police Department
David Vialpando, California Department of Justice
Bryan Vila, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
James Viner, Detroit Police Department
John Violanti, New York State Police
Sal Vizzini, South Miami Police Department
August Vollmer, Berkeley Police Department
Brian Voncannon, Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office
George Vuilleumier, Massachusetts State Police

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