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Alphabetical Listing of Law Enforcement Officials - Letter N

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This is an alphabetical listing of police officers, state troopers, deputy sheriffs and other law enforcement officials who have authored book.  You can also view the list of law enforcement agencies by state, here;  Or, the list of agencies alphabetically, here; Or, use any of the navigation links about to take you to topics, international and federal police officers.

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Richard Nable, Fulton County Police Department
Jeffery Nance, Missouri State Highway Patrol
Randy E. Narramore, Huntington Park Police Department
Dennis Nasci, Village of West Milwaukee Police Department
Ray Nash, Dorchester County Sheriff's Department
Ernest Naspretto, New York Police Department
Carolann Natale, New York Police Department
Anthony Naturale, Montclair Police Department
Nick Navarro, Broward County Sheriff's Office
Steve Neal, Virginia Law Enforcement Official
Trebor Nehoc, New York City Transit Police
Richard Neil, Ohio Law Enforcement
Andrew G. Nelson, New York City Police Department
Curt Nelson, San Francisco Police Department
Paul G. Nelson, Los Angeles Police Department
Jonathan Nerlinger, Huntington Park Police Department
Mitchell Nevin, Milwaukee Police Department
Larry Nevers, Detroit Police Department
Steven J. Newton, Clever Police Department
Tony Newsom, Los Angeles Police Department
Michael A. Nichols, Los Angeles Police Department
Thomas J. Nichols, Lubbock Police Department
Arthur Niederhoffer, New York Police Department
Joseph Niehaus, Kettering Police Department
William A. Nikkel, Kern County Sheriff's Department
Gary Nila, Los Angeles Police Department
Gary Nitchman, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
John Nores, California Department of Fish and Game
Mark Lee Nosack, Sandy City Police Department
Edward Nowicki, Chicago Police Department
Michael Nugent, Westbrook Police Department
Raymond Null, Wilton Manors Police Department


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