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New York Police Department (NYPD) Police Officers who have authored books.

Jesse Aaron
Roger Abel
Angela Amato
Anthea Appel
John J. Baeza
Scott Baker

Frank Barchiesi
John Barry
Raymond Berke

Frank Bolz

Frank Bose

John Botte
Richard Brittson
Robert L. Bryan

Philip Bulone

Kathy Burke
Thomas Byrnes
V.J. Cap
Vincent Casale
Charles Castro

William Caunitz

Robert Cea
Nick Chiarkas

Marie Cirile
Jim Cirillo

Bill Clark

Joseph Coffey
Steve Allie Collura

Edward Conlon
Francis J. Connelly
Marc Cosentino
Thomas Dades
Frank D. Day

Joe DeCicco

Ed Dee

John Delamer
Stephen Del Corso
Mike DeMarino
John S. Dempsey

Arthur Deutsch

Samuel Di Guiseppe

Richard Bo Dietl

Charles Diggett

Mike DiSanza
Edward F. Droge

Steven Dubinsky
Kenneth Dudonis

David Durk
Mordecai Z. Dzikansky
Frederick Egen
Bill Erwin
John Eterno

Lou Eppolito
Philip Farley
Robert Fasone
Charles Ferrara
Joseph Fink
Thomas Fitzsimmons

Phil Foran

William Fox

Remo Franceschini
James J. Fyfe
Robert Gallati

Vernon J. Geberth
Joseph L. Giacalone

Mary Glatzle
Martin A. Gonzalez

Michael Grant
Louis Gervasio

Dave Greenberg

Sonny Grosso
Steven V. Gure

Adolph Hart

Vincent E. Henry

Donald Herlihy
John J. Hickey

William Higgins
Joseph C. Hoffman
Lawrence Hoffman

William Jacobsen

Conrad Jensen
Craig Johnson
James E. Johnson

Randy Jurgensen
Michael J. Kannengieser

Peter Keenan

Bill Kelly

Gerald Kelly

Bernard B. Kerik

Herbert Klein

Robert Leuci
Brian Levin

Richard Lewis
Stephen Leinen

Frank Lione
Frank Lombardo

John Mackie
Philip Mahony

Gene Maloney
John Manca

James Manning

Jack Maple

Dan Mahoney
William Majeski
Raymond V. Martin
Cliff Mariani
Kendall Matthews
George Matsell
William McCarthy
William J. McCullough
Steven McDonald
Robert McGuire

Thomas McKenna

Robert McLaughlin
George W. McWatters
Craig Meissner
C.J. Messina

Robert Mladinich
John Moran
John Moreno
J.P. Morgan

Vincent Murano
Patrick V. Murphy

Ernest Naspretto
Carolann Natale
Andrew G. Nelson
Arthur Niederhoffer
Charles O'Hara

James O'Keefe
Jim O'Neil
William Oldham
Derrick Parker
John Pellicano
John Perkins
Thomas A. Phelan

Joseph L. Phillips
William Phillips

Patrick Picciarelli
Richard Picciotto
Arnold M. Pine

Joe Poss
Peter Pranzo

Gene Radano

Paul Ragonese
James Reardon
Anthony Reyes

Richard Rosenthal
Daniel C. Rudofossi

Howard Safir
Rana Sampson
Joe Sanchez
Alan Sandomir

Ralph Sarchie

Lou Savelli
John O. Savino
Rufus Schatzberg

Albert Schiano
Donald J. Schroeder
Lloyd George Sealy

Albert Seedman

Alan Sheppard
Dave Siev
Michael Solomon
Carey Spearman
Jerry Strollo
Jack Sullivan

Mary Sullivan
Robert Trotta

Joseph Turner
Douglas J. Vaughn

James Wagner
David M. Waksman

Tom Walker

George W. Walling
William F. Walsh
Richard H. Ward
Thomas J. Ward

Bob Weir
Paul B. Weston

Bernard Whalen

Leo P. Whittlesey
Cornelius Willemse

Alfonso Yevoli

About the New York Police Department (NYPD):

The first law-enforcement officer began to patrol the trails and paths of New York City when it was known as New Amsterdam, and was a Dutch settlement and fort in the year 1625. This lawman was known as a "Schout – fiscal" (sheriff – attorney) and was charged with keeping the peace, settling minor disputes, and warning colonists if fires broke out at night. The first Schout was a man named Johann Lampo.


The Rattle Watch was a group of colonists during the Dutch era (1609 - 1664) who patrolled from sunset until dawn. They carried weapons, lanterns and wooden rattles (that are similar to the ratchet noisemakers used during New Year celebrations). The rattles made a very loud, distinctive sound and were used to warn farmers and colonists of threatening situations. Upon hearing this sound, the colonists would rally to defend themselves or form bucket-brigades to put out fires. The rattles were used because whistles had not yet been invented. The Rattle Watchmen also are believed to have carried lanterns that had green glass inserts. This was to help identify them while they were on patrol at night (as there were no streetlights at that time). When they returned to their Watch House from patrol, they hung their lantern on a hook by the front door to show that the Watchman was present in the Watch House. Today, green lights are still hung outside the entrances of Police Precincts as a symbol that the "Watch" is present and vigilant.


When the High Constable of New York City, Jacob Hays retired from service in 1844, permission was granted by the Governor of the state to the Mayor of the City to create a Police Department. A force of approximately 800 men under the first Chief of Police, George W. Matsell, began to patrol the City in July of 1845. They wore badges that had an eight-pointed star (representing the first 8 paid members of the old Watch during Dutch times). The badges had the seal of the City in their center and were made of stamped copper.





Selected works by NYPD police officers who have authored books.

Aftermath: Unseen 9/11 Photos by a New York City Cop
John Botte  More Info

Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation: Practical and Clinical Perspectives
Vernon J. Geberth  More Info

All the Centurions: A New York City Cop Remembers His Years on the Street, 1961-1981
Robert Leuci  More Info

From the Mouth of the Monster: The Joel Rifkin Story
Robert Mladinich  More Info

Blood Shot Eyes
Patrick W. Picciarelli  More Info

The Thick Blue Line
Bob Martin  More Info
NYPD Police officer turned fire chief tells his riveting story

Last Man Down: A Firefighter's Story of Survival and Escape from the World Trade Center
Richard Picciotto  More Info
From the pen of the NYPD's Hip-Hop intelligence detective.

Notorious C.O.P.: The Inside Story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay Investigations from NYPD's First "Hip-Hop Cop"
Derrick Parker  More Info
A Navy commander and New York Police Department detective

Shields of Honor
Jack Sullivan  More Info

War Stories: Behind the Silver and Gold Shields
Thomas J. Ward  More Info
By a 20 year veteran of the NYPD

Cop On The Run
Arnold M. Pine  More Info

NYPD Blue Lies: The Shocking True Story of Racism, Corruption, Cover-Ups and Murder in the NYPD
Charles Castro  More Info
Perhaps the ealiest book published by a police officer was written by an NYPD inspector.

1886 Professional Criminals of America
Thomas Byrnes  More Info
NYPD insider tale of the Knapp Commission
Edward F.Jr. Droge  More Info
A chidlren's book by an NYPD police officer.

Mommy, I Want to Be a Cop
Kendall J. Matthews  More Info

Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence Analysis (2nd Edition)
Brent E. Turvey  More Info

Latin Blues - A Tale of Police Omerta
Joe Sanchez  More Info

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